by Margot Vandersmissen



This is a song about a superhero who's sad because there is no crime to fight in their town. I thought of this idea while watching Ant-Man for the third time. Yup. I am the kind of person who has seen Ant-Man three times. That's me.


a few months ago
I woke up feeling the most peculiar feeling I’d ever felt
I looked around and oh
I was flying and my eyes had turned into lasers and I felt really swell

I had turned into a superhero overnight
there was no time to ask question
I was ready for the fight


but there are no crimes to fight
no villians to slam down
everything’s too organised
in my little hometown
The police are not corrupt
and the prison is secure
Can’t find no nemesis, that sucks
I’m so bored

I wanted to be a superhero oh so bad
But I’m not so now I’m just…
Super saaaaaad


I had a plan
I made a supersuit and read a bunch of comics and took karate classes
And then my quest began
I flew around to rescue some people, kick some asses

Sadly all I found were some kittens in trees
And some old ladies who needed help crossing the street



My heroics will never be talked about
I’ll never have to worry about people finding out
Nobody will dress up as me cuz I’m too lame
I’m not even cool enough to get a supername



released August 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Margot Vandersmissen Antwerp, Belgium

Hi there! My name is Margot Vandersmissen, I live in Belgium and I am 20 years old.

I LOVE writing songs, and these EPs are the result of a lot of 3AM songwriting sessions, which explains some of the more odd lyrics. I hope you like my music! ... more

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