If Hermione Can Do It (So Can I)

by Margot Vandersmissen



Hi there! I released this song as a fundraiser for the Harry Potter Alliance to ensure that they can continue to do wonderful things to make the world a more magical place. If you want to know more about what the HPA does, here's their website: www.thehpalliance.org


she’ll punch a bully in the face
won’t apologise for knowing all the answers
she’s the brightest witch of her age
she won’t back down

she’ll take a stand for justice
join the revolution
she may bend but she won’t break
and I know now
if hermione can do it, so can I

book one her priorities were straight A’s
unapologetic loud and proud grace
two risked her life for the petrified
as she fought a silent fight

book three she transfigured time into knowledge
then gave it up to save a life with courage
book four stood up on her own to fight
raised her voice for equal lives


five a pink problem but she found a fix
fought with her friends beyond the risks
six saw the love of her life slip away
didn’t let it distract her for a single day

seven hunted and fought for peace
destroyed the enemy piece by piece
she joined the ranks without regret
lovingly obliviated her safety net


she showed me that a girl shouldn’t be perfect
she’s allowed to want it all to say she’s worth it
and to this day when I’m feeling blue
I think to myself, what would hermione do



released November 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Margot Vandersmissen Antwerp, Belgium

Hi there! My name is Margot Vandersmissen, I live in Belgium and I am 20 years old.

I LOVE writing songs, and these EPs are the result of a lot of 3AM songwriting sessions, which explains some of the more odd lyrics. I hope you like my music! ... more

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